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I post my sudden thoughts and second thoughts here from time to time -- usually having something to do with Philadelphia and governmental accountability, but occaisionally on something more (or less) interesting. Check out my Recent Writing for issues of the day and take a look at some more in-depth writing in Brett's Books. Or, view the Bulldog Budget, which represents a wonderfully visual way to conceive and account for how our government works (or doesn't work) for us.

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Philly News You Can Youse

Local media pundits spend a lot of time decrying Philadelphia's insipid and entrenched political class.  They proudly point to investigative reporting exposing corruption and malfeasance, then express frustration that the public elects and re-elects scoundrels and miscreants.  But, as anyone who has ever dared to enter the local political fray quickly realizes, despite the clear need for political change, the Philadelphia media game is stacked solidly against challengers