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Hard To Tell The Reformers From The Hacks

Philadelphia is not the city we know it should be and a big reason for our municipal shortcomings is that we tolerate the excesses of our ethically challenged political class.  We endure the malfeasance of the hackocracy even when it results in tragedies.  We accept mediocrity from our insipid cadre of elected officials.

Instead of throwing the bums out, draining the swamp, and turning over a new leaf, we maintain the status quo and cross our fingers that things might get a little better for the issues we care about even if the rest of the civic fabric remains frayed and tattered.

The local press covers Philadelphia politics and government like the weather, giving us the forecast without giving us much of a sense we can do anything about it.  It's always shady with a chance of waste, fraud, and abuse.  The occasional outbursts of sunlight and transparency are always followed by another storm.