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Angry or Jealous?

Years ago, a friend would gently chide me when I complained about the state of things in Philadelphia:  "does that make you angry -- or jealous?"  Did I want to change the way the city worked; or, just make it a little better for me?  Was I angry that the system was so broken or jealous that someone else had benefited in a way that I could not?

I think that angry-or-jealous question is a great one for Philadelphians to consider as we look for a new mayor to set a direction for our city's future.  Philadelphia has been derided as a place with a population of 1.5 million, run by a few hundred, for the benefit of a few dozen.  It is a city where more than one in four residents -- one in three children -- lives in poverty despite pockets of plenty and areas of affluence; a city that too many still look to leave.