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Kenney Do It? Yes He Can.

The Kenney mayoralty is off and running and flexing its administrative muscles to take some fast action.  While top officials' gold-seal city business cards may still be drying, the Kenney administration swiftly cleared the cars off City Hall sidewalk, restored Philadelphia's status as a "sanctuary city" for undocumented immigrants, and blocked a pension grab by an outgoing official.  Make no mistake, Philadelphia has a "strong-mayor" form of government and when it comes to making many important changes, the Mayor and his administration just have to respond to a single question:  Kenney do it?  Yes, he can.

As we approach Mayor Kenney's first budget presentation, a lot of questions for the new mayor and his administration will center on finances.  To fund some of his ambitious programs, the mayor will need money.  To ensure that he engages the public and generates "buy-in," the mayor will need to show us the money.  To create a virtuous cycle of continuous investment and improvement, the mayor will need to keep the money flowing.