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I post my sudden thoughts and second thoughts here from time to time -- usually having something to do with Philadelphia and governmental accountability, but occaisionally on something more (or less) interesting. Check out my Recent Writing for issues of the day and take a look at some more in-depth writing in Brett's Books. Or, view the Bulldog Budget, which represents a wonderfully visual way to conceive and account for how our government works (or doesn't work) for us.

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Anthony Williams -- To Move Philly Forward

I will vote for State Senator Anthony Williams for Mayor on Tuesday, May 21st and I encourage you to join me -- to build a better Philadelphia. I am not shy about voicing my opinion about what is not so great about Philadelphia and I often use this forum to advocate for what we could do to improve our city. Voting for Anthony Williams for mayor is an action step in the right direction we can take to help make Philadelphia the city we deserve.