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Firing Up City Government

Elections, they say, have consequences.  So the news that one of the first orders of business for newly elected Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was to dismiss dozens of employees was something to be expected -- anywhere but in Philadelphia.  Here, the idea that an incoming elected official cleaned house has created a bit of a controversy.

Krasner campaigned on a platform of bringing major change to the Office of the District Attorney and whether one agrees with his policy worldview or not, it is hard to imagine that any boss or manager could bring major changes to any large operation without making significant personnel moves to ensure that a new organizational vision directs operations. Some Krasner castoffs include those appointed by his predecessor who served for two terms (less the part where he was sent off to prison) and some were apparently even appointed by his predecessor who served for decades.  Heck, when the new Phillies manager was named, one of his first actions was to name a new cadre of coaches to guide his baseball club toward the 2018 World Series victory (please let it be so -- we have had too many years of cellar dwelling in this town).

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