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No Future For Philadelphia History?

The news that Philadelphia's museum dedicated to its history as a city is shuttered is devastating and tragic. For a city that so embraces its past as packaged for tourists and outsiders, the idea that we can allow our own city history to be, well -- HISTORY -- is a failure of civic leadership that is a crime against our posterity. If the mayor and top civic leaders cannot find the resources and management to save and revitalize this museum then THEY should be history!

The Philadelphia History Museum, formerly known as the Atwater Kent Museum, is mandated by Philadelphia's city charter to serve as a steward for our collective memory. While the actual museum has been a sleepy institution in recent years, its resources and collection are incredibly impressive. A revitalized Philadelphia History Museum has the ability to tell the story of our city and to inform every discussion about its future. But, if a central repository of city history is to disappear, and if the collection is scattered to the wind, our city will be much the worse for the loss.