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A Modest South Philly Parking Proposal

I have a modest proposal that should put a swift end to the threat to the natural right enjoyed by Philadelphians to park cars in the median of South Broad Street.  Some people whine that cars are ticketed for parking illegally elsewhere in the city, that cars in the center of the city’s central boulevard are unsightly, or that median parking itself is unsafe.  I say we should institute universal park-wherever-you-want throughout Philadelphia.  Then, every neighborhood will enjoy the same freedoms, cars will be everywhere to spoil views equally, and the sheer number of parked cars will slow vehicles to ensure the safety of those who dodge traffic to reach their cars next to even the busiest passing lane.  Giving the Parking Authority free reign to meter these new spots could even generate revenues for our cash-strapped public schools. 

The forces trying to move Philadelphia forward believe that the arc of the world-class city is long, but it bends towards rational systems of rules.  But, today, I stand with the city's silent majority in declaring, "parking in the South Broad Street median now, parking in the South Broad Street tomorrow, parking in the South Broad Street forever."