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PA's New Deal is a Raw Deal

Oh, maybe I have been thinking about the talk-of-the-town Broadway Musical, Hamilton, too much, but I am consumed by the lyrical similarities offered in the show and its consideration of the humanity of America’s Founding Fathers while watching budget deliberations in Harrisburg.  With apologies to the maestro:

How does a non-pol, York-son, from the Peace Corps
business world, plopped in the middle of a 
mess in the State Capitol,
the Democratic Governor, in power,
end up sticking it to low-income PA residents in the eleventh hour?

How does a hard-core, right-wing, ring of Senators
State Reps, propped up by middle-of-the- 
state electors 
in the budget battle, 
averse to increasing taxes, or yielding, 
decide to give up on signature initiatives despite the power they were wielding?

How indeed?