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I post my sudden thoughts and second thoughts here from time to time -- usually having something to do with Philadelphia and governmental accountability, but occaisionally on something more (or less) interesting. Check out my Recent Writing for issues of the day and take a look a some more in-depth writing in Brett's BooksOr, view the Bulldog Budget, which represents a wonderfully visual way to conceive and account for how our government works (or doesn't work) for us. 

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Incentivize On The Prize

Philadelphia can once again be a place that produces ideas that change the world.  We can make it happen with an incentive prize.

Philadelphia was once the city of “firsts,” teeming with the energy and entrepreneurialism that established the nation's first hospital, first art museum, and first zoo (among others).  Philadelphia once confidently saw itself as a city that rivaled any metropolis on the globe and built its City Hall to be the tallest building in the world.  But Philadelphia's atty-tude has long since become content to lag and follow other places.  We have become a city excited to open the world's 98th Hard Rock Cafe; a city content to see four dozen municipalities establish a bike-share program before ours; and a city that constantly tests new ideas by questioning, "where else has this worked?" instead of boldly stating, "we will show the world the way."  That should change -- and it can change.

Philadelphia can be a first mover and an early adopter.  We have the brain power, energy, and moxie to rival any city, but we need a spark to both unleash our civic capacity and focus it.