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It Was A Dark And Stormy Knight

Be afraid of the dark!  “Dark money is coming to Philadelphia politics and it will compromise the foundations of our democracy,” say some of Philadelphia's reactionary pundits.  While they are correct that 2015 will certainly be the first year where non-candidate-authorized, independent expenditures will have a significant impact on local political races, dark money's influence did not start in 2015 and its arrival in force will certainly not be the end of Philadelphia's great experiment as we know it.  In fact, 2015's infusion of independent expenditures is (sadly) what passes for Philadelphia political courage.

"We're from Philadelphia and we fight," says Eagles coach and Philly newbie Chip Kelly.  Like so many outsiders, he sees Philadelphia as a rough town, a tough town, a town where we need a time and a place -- not an excuse -- to tussle.  But once he's been here for a while, Chip will understand the reality that this is a go-along-to-get-along town.  When it comes to Philadelphia politics, "let's you and him fight" is a more proper motto