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Most recently, I wrote

Cloudy Forecast For Budgetary Sunshine

A pair of Philadelphia favorite sons once crooned,

There's a thunder storm 'a brewin'
And the day is turning gray
There ain't much to say about the weather

Now that we have made it through a hot and humid summer and come to another fall in Philadelphia, we can say a few things about that weather. Mostly, we can say that it changes; much like our city budget.

A few weeks ago it was so hot in Philadelphia we could not keep our public schools open and City Hall politicians raced for the nearest television camera to call for outside money to pay for air conditioning. But, once the weather cooled, the same elected officials decided that the city budget that couldn't be squeezed to cool a school suddenly could afford millions more to pay for the high cost of building "affordable" housing. That's bad news for the library supporters who have been told that the budget has no additional funds to keep city libraries open on weekends -- and to anybody who thought the city budget process had any integrity left in it.