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The Right Choice For Mayor

On May 19th, I urge you to join me in voting for State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams for Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.  I support Tony because he supports the causes I have championed during my years of civic activism.  I support Tony because I believe his political resume and history make him uniquely qualified to take on the challenges that face our city.  Most important, I support Tony because I believe he can bridge the divides that threaten Philadelphia's future so – together -- we can move Philadelphia forward.

For two decades and more, I have crusaded for tax reform to help Philadelphia attract and retain firms and families; for budget reform to promote transparency and accountability in spending; and for ethics reforms to focus officials on serving the public and not themselves.  In this race, Tony Williams is the candidate who has displayed a depth of understanding of the importance of these issues and who has put forward a policy platform that displays a commitment to making real change on these issues.  These are the causes that I have fought for – that you have joined with me to promote -- and what Tony Williams will achieve as Mayor.