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It's Their Prerogative -- Not Ours

How many people does it take to corrupt a city? In Philadelphia, it definitely takes more than two to tango. It certainly takes a number of individuals bent on using entrusted power for private gain. But, so much more must happen for a city to consent to the corruption that holds Philadelphia back. It takes some who look the other way when corrupt actors connive to deprive the public of honest government services. It takes more to accept corrupt systems as simply the way things work. And, it takes countless many who could make a difference to not use their voices and their vote to make real change.

The recent news of the impact of scam city-property-sales carried out through the city's tradition of "councilmanic prerogative" provides just one more example of the cost of corruption that Philadelphia city cannot afford. Sadly, the example also illustrates how many heads must turn to look the other way and how many tongues must be held for corruption to continue.