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Get In The Game For The Mayoral Primary

At one point, it could be said that the mayoral election was the Super Bowl of Philadelphia politics. The mayor‘s race was the big game and everyone in town paid attention. Coverage dominated the local media on television, in print, and on the radio and real Philadelphians offered strong opinions about candidates. But, today, the mayor's race is more like a high-school soccer match -- a low-turnout affair engaging insiders and covered by a handful of reporters. We deserve better.

Local government has the most profound impact on our lives but most Americans spend very little time thinking about the local politics that sets our government in motion. Philadelphia neighborhoods are overwhelmed with trash, city streets are pockmarked with potholes, and the murder rate is climbing to unacceptable highs. But, anymore, when it comes to electoral politics, Philadelphians are less concerned with the sorry state of the city and more consumed with outrage about the Trump Administration. Local residents chatter about the Mueller report but are unmoved by the local headlines detailing shady deals and dirty deeds.  Neighbors mutter about funding for Trumps wall, but barely notice that in the proposed budget, city spending will have increased by about 25 percent during the mayor's term.