Is This Heaven? The Magic Of The Field Of Dreams

Is this Heaven?  The Magic of the Field of Dreams brings readers along on the continuing pilgrimage to the Field of Dreams Movie Site where life imitates art and everyday people find redemption and reconciliation in an Iowa cornfield.

"It makes people feel like they want to be kids again." Once he finished pitching batting practice and taking a few cuts at the plate, Mandel dug out his tape recorder and notebook and started talking to visitors. a book that tells the stories of people who found peace, hope and renewal at the baseball diamond carved out of a cornfield." - Chuck Schoffner, Cincinnati Enquirer

"In a fascinating blending of reality and fictions, the field has become a shrine to those qualities and to nostalgia itself. The stories shared there are so memorable that Philadelphia writer Brett H. Mandel compiled them in a book." - Diane Daniel, Boston.Com

"A book that tells the stories of people who found peace, hope, and renewal carved out of a cornfield for the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams.'" - Independent Mirror

"A book dedicated to examining whether the magic found in a popular Hollywood movie is fact or fiction. Looks at the effect traveling to America's heartland for the sake of running around the bases, shagging fly balls and knocking a few out of the park has had on countless fans of America's pastime." - D. E. Kern, Express Times

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